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"Touching short stories with impact."

Exploring the delicate dynamics of human relationships, Norman's literary works are designed to be as introspective as they are entertaining. 

Rand Gavell’s moral fiber is put to the test. His injured wife lies comatose in a care home. The attractive, captivating and single real-estate agent he has employed to sell his cottage suggests an alternative life style.

A Touch of Salt

Fire and Iron Book Cover 3D.png

Fire & Iron

Ten inspirational stories of relationships and short love stories that will make you cry. 

"Inspiring, emotional, humourous and thought provoking"

Brenda M.

"The emotions portrayed by the author are vivid and very real. It made me share the characters anger or betrayal and challenged my own sense of right and wrong."

Brian B.

Each story is followed by printable book club discussion questions to prompt reflection of the story and personal experiences.

Meet Norm

Born in a small town in central Manitoba, Canada, Norman has traveled the world and brings his life experiences to his work. He currently resides with his wife of 60 years, Jean, in Winnipeg, Canada. Norman has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. 

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