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Fire & Iron

Stories of Fidelity, Infidelity, and Daring Commitment.

"Gritty stories that hold your attention."

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Rand Gavell’s moral fiber is put to the test. His injured wife lies comatose in a care home. The attractive, captivating and single real-estate agent he has employed to sell his cottage suggests an alternative life style.

A Touch of Salt

10 short stories to make you think & feel.

Stories that appeal to a broad age range, with settings from the 1950's through to present day and conflicts that span generations.

"Through the author's vivid lens, we are treated to stories of heartbreak and loss, self-centered inflexibility, and courageous change & generosity in the face of adversity." 


Great Book Club Read

Each story is followed by printable book club discussion questions to prompt reflection of the story and personal experiences. This short story collection is both suitable for senior book clubs and general adult book clubs.

Softcover and e-book formats are available on Amazon.


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Inspirational Stories of Relationships

Amazon Reviews

5 Star Rating

I have just finished the book Fire and Iron. The title is puzzling, yet it drew me in. As one begins reading, the book is inspiring, emotional and even humorous, at times. It is also thought provoking.

The reflections after each story invite you to think about personal experiences or those of someone you may know. I will encourage others to read this book. A solid and enjoyable read.

 - Brenda

This is a challenging book to read for the emotions portrayed by Norm are vivid and very real. They challenge the reader to look at their own emotions as they read. Each short story pokes at issues that resonated with me. They made me share the characters anger or betrayal and challenged my own sense of right and wrong. The stories made me wonder at their source - were they written from personal experience or exposure?

- PrincipalGuy

The author develops the characters very well, and the physical surroundings in which the stories take place are described in vivid detail. I think that everyone reading this book will identify with many of the emotional conflicts woven into the stories. The discussion questions found at the end of each story help one reflect on, and focus their personal connection to those conflicts. I recommend purchasing this book.

 - Robert

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